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Research Findings


Selected Publications

For copyright reasons, we cannot post the entire publications online.  However, if you are interested in obtaining the full article, please email us at

Bahn AK, et al. Hypothyroidism in workers exposed to polybrominated biphenyls (1980). New England Journal of Medicine 302(1):31-33. No Abstract Available

Blanck HM,  Marcus M, Tolbert PE, Rubin C, Henderson AK, Hertzberg V, Zhang RH, Cameron L.  Age at menarche and Tanner stage in girls exposed in utero and postnatally to polybrominated biphenyl.  Epidemiology 2000.11:641-647.  Abstract

Davis SI, Blanck HM, Hertzberg VS, Tolbert PE, Rubin C, Cameron LL, Henderson AK, Marcus M. Menstrual function among women exposed to polybrominated biphenyls: A follow-up prevalence study. Environmental Health: A Global Access Science Source 2005. 4(15).  Abstract

Henderson AK, Rosen D, Miller GL, Figgs LW, Zahm SH, Sieber SM, Rothman N, Humphrey HE, Sinks T. Breast cancer among women exposed to polybrominated biphenyls. Epidemiology 1995.6(5):544–546.  Abstract

Joseph AD, Terrell ML, Small CM, Cameron LL, Marcus M. Assessing Inter - Generational Transfer of a Brominated Flame Retardant. J Environ Monit 2009. 11(4):802-807.  Abstract

Small CM, Murray D, Terrell ML, Marcus M, Reproductive outcomes among women exposed to a brominated flame retardant in utero. Archives of Environmental & Occupational Health  2011. 66(4), 201-208.  Abstract

Small CM, DeCaro J, Terrell ML, Wirth J, Cameron L, Dominquez C, Marcus M.  Maternal Exposure to a Brominated Flame Retardant and Genitourinary Conditions in Male Offspring. Environmental Health Perspectives 2009. doi: 10.1289/ehp.0800058.  Abstract

Terrell ML, Berzen A., Small CM, Cameron LL, Wirth J, Marcus M. A cohort study of the association between secondary sex ratio and parental exposure to polybrominated biphenyl (PBB) and polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB).  Environmental Health 2009. 8:35.  Abstract

Terrell ML, Manatunga A, Small C, Cameron L, Wirth J, Blanck HM, Lyles R, Marcus M.  A decay model for assessing polybrominated biphenyl exposure among women in the Michigan Long-Term PBB study.  Journal of Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology 2008. 18(4):410-420.  Abstract

Thomas A, Marcus M, Zhang R, Blanck HM, Tolbert P, Hertzberg V, Henderson A, Rubin C.  Breast feeding among women exposed to polybrominated biphenyls in Michigan.  Environmental Health Perspectives 109:1133-1137, 2001.  Abstract. See Environmental Health Perspectives 2002. 110(9):503-504, for a response to a letter regarding this article.

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