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PBB Citizens Advisory Board


PBB Citizens Advisory Board

Front row: Pat Muldoon and Lisa Halbert

Back row: Brian Dodge, Melora Theunick, Patti Dodge, Carol Smith, and Joe Robbe

Not pictured: Chris Muldoon, George Neyer, and Valerie Suszko

The purpose of the PBB Citizens Advisory Board is to serve as a liaison between the research team and the PBB Registry community by representing the concerns of the PBB community at-large. The PBB Citizens Advisory Board will be responsible for planning specific outreach events such as seminars, workshops, and other meetings as well as working with the researchers to integrate concerns into the survey questions. The board will include: eight to ten PBB registry members, two to three local health professionals, and two PBB research team members. PBB Citizens Advisory Board members will meet two to three times per year via conference call or in-person.


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